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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Yesterday was a great day for imaging. I haven't had a day like that in months. The clouds cleared around 6 pm and I managed to catch a few videos of the sun.

Full Disk:
3 panel mosaic, videos acquired with QHY5L-II and PST. Videos processed in Registax. Photoshop CS6 used to create the mosaic, colorize and apply final corrections.

 Captured some prominences as well

I only had about 45 minutes before the sun disappeared behind my house. I spent the majority of the time creating animations of the prominence above and one that appeared to "float" above the surface.
I shot 18 videos and created a still image from each in Registax. The 18 still images were used as frames for the video created using Photoshop CS6

At first I thought I had the frames in reverse. The floating prominence appears to "rain" on the Sun's surface.

After I could no longer image the sun, I set my sights on the moon. I used my Orion ED102T CF & QHY5L-II (@800x600) to create a 6 panel mosaic. 6 videos were taken through a luminance filter and processed in Registax. Using the QHY5L-II's at 800x600 ,allowed me to image 35 frames per second and I collected about 1000 frames per panel. No barlow was used. The resulting Registax images were combined & colorized using Photoshop CS6.

After I completed the 6 videos for the mosaic, I turned my attention towards finishing my Andromeda Galaxy project. I added 4- 20 minute Ha filtered subs and 4-10 minute Blue filtered subs. I was glad to finally collect enough subs to finish it. I started this image on July 4.
The previous versions of M31 can be seen in my earlier blog: