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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Solar Animations

I've been experimenting with animations I created from still frames in Photoshop CS6. These are my first attempts,
July 10,2013  This was my first attempt at catching solar activity in motion. I took 7 separate images and created this animation. Each of the 7 original images were created in Registax6 from 500 movie frames each. Taken with QHY5L-II & PST. The total event was about 4 minutes long from 1:40 EST to 1:44 EST, animation is 2 sec looped 3x's 

July 12,2013 This is a time lapse animation consisting of 23 frames. Each frame was made up individual :33 sec. videos, 500 frames in length.(15FPS) Each video was stacked using Registax6 software and the resulting images were then aligned & combined in Photoshop & converted to animation
July 14,2013 32 frame animation made up of still images created in Registax6. 32 movies 500 frames each. Entire animation is one hour of images.
July 21,2013 Solar Prominence Animation
8 frames taken in a 10 minute time period, looped 3x's
If you watch close in the bottom left is a coronal ejection. Taken with a QHY5L-II & PST.
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