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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jellyfish Nebula IC443 ****updated****

Finally clear skies, so I made an effort to capture narrowband with my CCD camera. I had captured Ha with it before and was very happy with the results. This is my first attempt at the Hubble Space Telescope Palette (HST) since I got the QHY9M CCD

Image taken with an Orion ED102T CF & QHY9M mono CCD. Baader Ha,OIII,SII 36mm filters
Taken over 2 nights 3/9/13 & 3/10/13
Ha- 3x1200sec mapped to Green
OIII-7x1200sec mapped to Blue
SII-5x1200sec mapped to Red
Guided with Orion SSAG,PhD & 50mm Orion Mini-Guider
Acquired with Nebulosity 2. Dark frames subtracted and DDP applied to each channel
Post-Processed in Photoshop CS6
I am happy with my CCD Narrowband result, but I may add more subs and try LRGB on this target, perhaps a wider FOV with the new AT65EDQ (see below)
Some brief info on IC443:
The Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443) is located in the constellation of Gemini. It is a supernova remnant that astronomers believe occured 3,000-30,000 years ago and it is @ 5,000 light-years away
This is a crop of the "core" area. It has been cropped over 50%. I'm very happy with the details the CCD & ED102 capture.

I recently got a smaller telescope (65mm) for a wider field of view.
First light with the AT65EDQ:

IC443 LRGB+Ha  3x600/each for a total of 2.5 hours

My next project, weather permiting, will be a mosaic of this region. I found an older image of Messier 35  I took with my Canon T3i and 80mm refractor. It happens to lie with a few degrees of the Jellyfish Nebula  IC443. I overlayed the older image(M35) with the new IC443 image

I'm hoping to do a 4 frame mosaic, LRGB+Ha. Nothing crazy like my Orion Mosaic project.

As always comments are always welcome!


  1. Excellent first light with the AT65 astrograph Chuck! Would love to see a write up some time on method you use when doing mosics. Clear Skies!

    1. Thanks Jeff! Definitely, I will create a post if I complete this project describing how I complete a mosaic.