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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Orion Mosaic(work in progress)

Orion Mosaic(work in progress)
Ongoing project I've been working on to image M42 Orion and the NGC 2024 The Horsehead Nebula in the same field of view
This is an 8 frame mosaic consisting of 3-20 minute frames of Hydrogen- Alpha(Ha) per frame for a total of 8 hours Ha. Images were taken over the course of 3 nights Jan 7,8 & 18 2013. Images were aquired with a QHY9M CCD and Orion ED102T CF refractor. The Ha is the base of the image and M42 and the Horsehead are from previous images blended in.
Image taken with QHY9M & Orion ED102CF refractor 10/21/2012,10/22/2012, 11/10/2012 & 11/18/2012
R-3x10min 1x20min
G-3x10min 4x20min
B-3x10min 4x20min
Images acquired,aligned and stacked with Nebulosity V2.0
Guiding with Orion 50mm mini guider,SSAG and Phd
Combined & post processed with PS6 and StarTools
IC 434 & NGC 2024The Horsehead Nebula & The Flame Nebula
April 1,2012
Telescope used: Orion ST-80(my "guide scope") mounted to 8" Meade LX-50 on standard Meade equatorial mount & HD tripod
Images aquired using APT
Guided with Starshoot Autoguider and 50mm guide scope
Aligned and stacked with Nebulosity
Post-process with Star Tools, GIMP & Windows Live Photo

Canon T3i:(2h 08m)
51 pictures 4x60 sec,37 x120 sec,10 x300 sec @ iso1600
Canon T3 w/Ha filter (1h 25m)
11 pictures 5x300,6x600 @iso 400

The total image is 16 hours 3 minutes worth of sub frames. Images were blended together using Photoshop CS6.
I have several more "blocks" to complete, hopefully this winter I can.

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