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Monday, January 21, 2013

Orion Mosaic(work in progress) Part#3

Orion Mosaic(work in progress) Part#3
Started imaging with my new filters and was glad to finally be able to image in Hydrogen-Alpha. Due to the field of view with my ED102T & QHY9M, I created a 2 panel mosaic for M42.

Each panel 3-20 minute frames stacked

  Blended in details from a previous image:

Final B&W result 

 Total project aquisition time:19h 3m

Now a 12 frame mosaic consisting of 3-20 minute frames of Hydrogen- Alpha(Ha) per frame for a total of 12 hours Ha. Images were taken over the course of 5 nights Jan 7,8,18,19,20 2013. Images were aquired with a QHY9M CCD and Orion ED102T CF refractor.
The Ha is the base of the image and M42 and the Horsehead are from previous images blended in.

 Tried Photoshop's HDR toning on the image, not sure if I like it yet or not:

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