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Sunday, December 4, 2016

IC 348

IC 348 

Since it's been cloudy the last few weeks, I decided to reprocess some older data from last year. This is IC 348 in Perseus. 
LRGB image taken with a QHY23M and 11" Celestron EdgeHD w/Hyperstar.

Taken on November 3, 2015, reprocessed with PixInsight

Once I finished the reprocess, I remembered I had new data from this year. I was comparing the two data sets and a noticed a star that had not been in last year's image. Seen in this PixInsight annotated image(Yellow circle)

The "new" data was acquired on November 18,2016 between 9:33-9:46 EST.

I have tried SkyTools, Starry Night and several online resources and cannot identify the object


Thank to a friend on Facebook, the mystery has been solved! 
The object in question is Bononia, a 12.8 magnitude asteroid. This was found by cropping the image and solving for coordinates in Then using , several candidates were found:

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