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Sunday, July 13, 2014

July Imaging

June 30,2014

Imaged a quick 3 panel mosaic of the moon using my Orion ED102T 102mm refractor @F/7, QHY5L-II mono w/ red filter
(telescope shown here with QHY9M & filterwheel)

July 1,2014

NGC6960 The Witch's Broom +
 Red- 3x600 (1x1 bin)
 Green- 3x600 (1x1 bin)
 Blue- 3x600 (1x1 bin)
 Ha- 3x900 (1x1 bin)
 OIII-3x900(1x1 bin)

"Starless" Version
"HST Palette"

These images show the "Witch's Broom" or NGC 6960, the western part of the Veil Nebula complex in the constellation of Cygnus. These are remnants of a supernova explosion that occurred some 5,000-8,000 years ago. The entire complex now covers nearly 3 degrees of the sky or roughly 6 times the size of the full moon. Astronomers estimate the Veil Nebula is 1470 light years away.

 July 12,2014

It was clear long enough to image a few frames of the Sun with my Coronado PST and QHY5L-II camera. A large detached prominence can be seen on the right of both images.

Orion ED102T(the black refractor) with Coronado PST(gold refractor) piggybacked

Celestron 11" Edge HD with AT65EDQ piggybacked

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