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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Early October Treats

I've been treated to a couple of clear nights already this month and managed to put a few images together. I started on the 1st collecting images for NGC 7023 The Iris Nebula & the Double Cluster.

The Double Cluster NGC 884 & NGC 869  in the constellation of Perseus.

Luminance 6x300 1x1 bin
Red 3x300 1x1
Green 3x300 1x1
Blue 3x300 1x1
Telescope: Astro-Tech AT65EDQ
Camera: QHY9M
NGC 7023 The Iris Nebula in the constellation of Cepheus
 I've imaged this target twice before and wanted to give it another go. I finished collecting enough sub-frames on the 2nd and here's my result

Luminance 15x300, 8x600 bin 1x1
Red 8x300 bin 1x1
Green 8x300 bin 1x1
Blue 6x600 bin 1x1
4h 55m
Telescope: Astro-Tech AT65EDQ
Camera: QHY9M

A larger version can be seen on Flickr-
I hope I get another opportunity to add more subs, I would like to capture more of the brown dust.

My previous attempt at the Iris were my 1st with the QHY9M CCD camera last October.(2012)
Taken with my Orion ED102T CF refractor
LRGB- 5x300 seconds through each filter

Prior to those, I tried to capture the Iris with my T3i & T3 cameras in May of 2012.
T3i 4x120sec 2x600sec,T3 6x300 sec & Orion ED102T CF refractor.

 This morning I gave Jupiter another attempt.
RGB image taken at 4am. 9500 RGB frames total, stacked best 50% in Registax6. Original frame size 640x480, captured 57 FPS, with 8" Meade LX-50 SCT & 2x's Barlow

The small "dots" in the bottom right are the moons Europa and Io
Thanks for looking!

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