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Monday, June 3, 2013

IC 1318 Gamma Cygni Nebula Part#2 ***updated***

Completed 4 panels of the mosaic so far. Managed to add blue and green to my existing Ha data. My journey to this point can be seen here:

4 panel mosaic, each panel consists of

3x20 minute Hydrogen-Alpha(used as Red & Luminance)
3x10 minute Blue & Green/each

total integration time(so far) 8 hours

Hopefully if all goes well, I would like to add OIII and more panels to this mosaic. It's a tad bit red for my liking.

The bright star to the left is Sadr (Gamma Cygni). Seen in the upper right is NGC6888, the Crescent Nebula

Update 6/5/2013

Added 2 more panels, Ha,Blue & Green

6 panel mosaic, each panel consists of

3x20 minute Hydrogen-Alpha(used as Red & Luminance)- 6 hours
3x10 minute Blue & Green/each-4hours
3x10 minute Blue & Green(bin 2x2)*-2 hour

*decided to bin Blue & Green 2x2 on new frames

total integration time(so far) 12 hours

I thought several of the panes would be interesting in Hubble Space Telescope Palette (HST) so I imaged the last frame with the narrowband filters (Ha,OIII,SII)

Ha 3x20 minute as GREEN
OIII 4x20 minute as BLUE
SII 4x20 minute as RED

3h 40m

This pane is in the upper right of the "updated" 6 pane mosaic (2nd image)

I have a laptop I use to remote control my telescope setup on my deck. The bird feeder is about 15' from the setup. While doing astrophotography, the slightest vibration on the deck will ruin the guiding of the telescope. The other night my guiding was really bad. I had help from a friend.

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