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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Moon & The Milky Way

I decided to do some other projects and give myself a break from DSO (deep sky object) imaging.

The first project I did was a composite of a slim crescent moon on May 12,2013, consisting of 2 images.
 The first image was a mosaic created from 3-one minute movies taken with my Canon T3i & Orion ED102TCF. Processed in Registax V6.

 The 2nd part of the image was a single 1/16 second exposure to capture the "earthshine". Earthshine is the illumination of the the moon's dark region by sunlight reflected from the earth

Final composite image:

 I traveled to the reservoir at 3am on the 14th to capture this image of the Milky Way. Armed only with a cheap tripod and my Canon T3i, I took 2 images and created this mosaic.

There was a slight fog on the dam and light clouds,coupled with the light pollution, made this difficult to process . I took each image at iso 800 for 30 seconds, then used Microsoft ICE to combine the two. I used StarTools to minimize the slight star trailing and finished the processing with Photoshop CS6.

The final project for the week was a one minute moon video taken with my T3i, ED102TCF and 2x's Barlow. Processed with Registax & Photoshop CS6. Taken on 5/16/2013


  1. Very nice images Chuck. Great work with the lunar shots, love the Milkyway shot with the reservoir. Keep up the Great work!