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Friday, February 15, 2013

Before & After Astrophotography #1

This post contains images taken roughly 1 year apart. My hope here is to show anyone new to astrophotography(AP) what can be accomplished in roughly a years time. AP can be frustrating at times but don't give up and you will see improvement! (Granted I did upgrade my camera & telescope, but this would not do any good without better acquisition, pre & post processing.)
 The originals on the left were taken with a Canon T3i or modified Canon T3 through an Orion ST-80T refractor.
 The newer images on the right were with a QHY9M mono CCD camera through an Orion ED102T CF refractor.
All images old and new were acquired,pre-processed(darks applied), aligned and stacked in Nebulosity 2.
The older images were "post-processed" with Gimp2, the newer with Photoshop CS6
M45 The Pleiades in Taurus
Original Photo taken 11/18/2011  details on Flickr
New Photo taken 1/4/2013 details on Flickr
NGC 281 The Pacman Nebula
 Original Photo taken 1/19/2012 details on Flickr
New Photo taken 12/21/2012 details on Flickr

Original image taken 1/14/2012 details on Flickr
New image taken 12/13/2012 details on Flickr
The original on the left was actually taken through my Meade 8" SCT LX-50

I'm hoping that in another years time I can show more improvement! There are lots of things I need to improve on.

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