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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Orion's Nebulas

Brushed the dust off of my Canon T3 and used a 75-300mm lens to make this project. 4-10 minute subs with and without the Astronomik Ha clip-in filter makes up the background. Overlayed 3 of my past images M78,M42 and NGC2024. I actually imaged the background for this while finishing up gathering subs for my M78 image. That was the one and only clear night in weeks.

This image contains part of  the Constellation of Orion. On the right the long red nebulosity is called Barnard's Loop. At the top the blue nebulosity is Messier 78, a reflection nebula. The Horsehead Nebula and Flaming Tree Nebula can be see by the 1st "belt" star Alnitak. The 3 belt stars are nearly midway down running up towards the right. Below the Horsehead can be seen the Running Man Nebula and the Orion Nebula



NGC 2024 The Horsehead Nebula

The Running Man and Orion Nebulas