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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Astrophotos selected!

On 10/31/2012  two of my images won the's 3rd quarter competition:

I've entered since last August, never won before and I was shocked to win twice.
The images can be seen below:

Waxing Gibbous Mosaic 7/29/12

 mosaic 11 frames
Used ED 102mm CF & 25mm eyepiece coupled afocally to Canon T3i& 18-55mm lens (@18mm)
Used this configuration in order to use Canon polarizer filter
Shot 11 30-45 second movies used @ 300 of @ 1400 frames per "movie" stacked with Registax. Processed with StarTools and GIMP2


M 08 The Lagoon Nebula in HST palette/DSLR narrowband

R=Ha 5x300 5x600 3x900 iso 800 Canon T3(modified) with Astronomik Ha clip-in filter
B=OIII 4x600 iso 800 Canon T3i with Astronomik OIII clip-in filter
G=SII 5x600 iso 800 Canon T3(modified) with Astronomik SII clip-in filter
Orion ED102T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope. OIII
Orion ST-80T "guide scope"-Ha & SII
Orion Sirius German-equatorial Computerized Goto Mount
Images aquired using APT
Guided with Starshoot Autoguider and 50mm guide scope
Budget software processing:(I should just get photoshop!)
Aquired with APT
Pre-process and demosaic with Nebulosity
Scaling and stretch using FITS Liberator
Reduced noise and converted to BMP using
Aligned and scaled manually with GIMP
RGB combine with StarTools
Post-process with StarTools, GIMP & Windows Live Photo


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